Live To What Matters To You

Find a way today to do something that truly fulfills you. You have unique dreams, desires and values, so live them.

It’s not selfish to listen to yourself. In fact, what’s truly selfish is to keep your highest desires hidden and unfulfilled.

There is a way, right now, to live some aspect of your life in the best way you can imagine. Imagine it, feel it, and do it, now.

Give respect to what matters. You owe it to life to be your best, so do what makes you feel your best.

Pay attention to what’s practical and sensible, but pay more attention to what’s meaningful. Be reasonable while also being fully alive and true to your purpose.

You are here on this beautiful day, so enjoy the beauty in your own special way. Live what matters, now and always.

Ralph Marston – The Daily Motivator


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