This is a very interesting article as it provided a lot of information on the technology and the use. It portrays the fundamental aspect that technology is being used all the time and all around us. It elaborates on the positive impact that technology has on the educational aspect such as apps and tablets that children can do and related to the learning component.  Furthermore, by using these apps and tablet enable educators to explore many learning process such as the activities that the children can engage in and benefit from as well as relating to the world around them. Technology had advanced so much over the years that it enables so many learning opportunities for all age.


The article connects to scholarship on technology and learning as it portrays just how technology had improved over decades and how it provide so many opportunity in learning about so many different aspect in many areas. This article points out the apps and tablets over more than just a hand on experience but a way to engage in the fundamental aspect of connecting with one other by exploring together, learning together and engaging in conversation with one other.


This article is very valuable to ECE as it provides a lot of information on Technology itself and how you can implement it in your setting that will be beneficial to the children that is age appropriate and to apply it in an educational matter.  This article helps ECE in a professional matter as it portrays the fundamental aspect of the type of apps and tablet that are available to for children to explore to learn from and that it does in fact be used as an interaction and learn by play aspect. The ECE roles are still being in task.


This article connects to my pedagogy and philosophy of ECE in many ways. It connects me as an ECE  in a sense of providing creativity, learning through play, social interaction, imagination and many more. Technology is a device that can be use in many different forms. Studying and knowing the apps and tablet allows further interaction and opportunities to promote interesting yet exciting environment


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