Portfolio Entry #3

Child Care Center and Their Website 



What Is The Name of the Child Care???

Peekaboo Child Care Center

What Is The Website Address?????


What Is So Fascinating?????

The design of the website. I like the way that they presented their website for the viewers. It’s the colours are nice and bright and the pictures are simple yet not distracting as it  sends sense of  joy and nurturing feeling. Another fascinating information about this center is that they offer a 

Pipeline, which helps parents to stay, connected to their child developmental process. It is said to be “safe, secure and accurate.”  (Introducing Peekaboo PIPEline | peekaboo, 2011) this web-based program provides the parents with updates on their child daily activities and their milestones from the teachers record, along with their child profile and medicate information. this program also provides parents a scrapbook of their child engaging in activities. 


What Is Their Philosophy?????

  • They believe that the  early years is essential and requires a lifelong learning

  • They believe in the value of all children

  • They “believe that social and intellectual skills are best learned in an environment where self-esteem is nurtured and respect is absolute” (Arkell, 2011)

  • They “believe that children learn best through active exploration, experimentation and problem solving in a safe and stimulating setting”  (Arkell, 2011)


They are spread all over the Ontario GTA. You can go on the website and type in your location and it will supply you with the closet location of the child care center around your neighborhood.

Can You Register Your Child Online??????

Yes, you would be registering your child on the wait list.

More In-depth Information Based  On The Center Website And Their Foundation

The Peekaboo Child Care Center website contains a very subtle yet leaving a simplistic  background as the display contains a  ivory white colour with a tint of blue on the very top of the page. “Color communicates subtle, but important ‘information’  about your site long before people read its content.”  (Tuck, 2003) I feel that they presentation the website is not distracting therefore,  it doesn’t take away the statement that the center is trying bring forth.  The choice of the colour had left me with a nice sense of feeling which incorporates a sense of clean, refreshing, clam, nurturing environment which i believe the viewers may contain the same  mutual feeling as welcoming as they view this site. As an educator, my pedagogical aspect of child care is sending a sense safeness, diversity  and providing learning experience for children is essential and it  is one of the key message you want the parents as they first enter your website.

This website also displays some animated graphic of what looks like bubbles, which appears to be presented in a pattern of three colours that contains yellow, red and blue.  This is an important content as variety of colours can over  simulate the website, as it is said by Tuck that  “Every image that moves or blinks draws your visitors’ attention to itself. Be sure that it doesn’t distract them from your message”  (Tuck, 2003) I feel that this site portrays what it is and that is for the children and parents as the layout incorporate an animations of three children of different nationality as well as providing information about their center such as the type of programs that they implement as well as providing information about the different program focus for different age groups, questions and answers about the center and registering your child  as well as displaying photo’s of the children within the center engaging in some activities.

From exploring the website I had concluded that the navigation on this site was rather simple and easy to work with. on their home page they have a display that shows you a clip of some information about the center and if you want to learn more about it you click on the bottom that display Learn. There is also a menu on the top of the page which is easy to find and access as it is on the top of the page and all you have to do is  simply click on where you want to go  and there you are.  Furthermore, they  also provided their visitors a section where they can type in their search and the answer  will be provided with hopefully the information you want. ”What this means for Web designers is that we need to keep our navigational  options simple enough for easy use”.  (Tuck, 2003) However they did not apply any other navigation options such as the sitemap which is very common our present day as a lot of website are providing this type of navigation as it is another simple way to find what you are looking for more efficiently.  “Everyone needs to be able to find their way around your site with ease” (Tuck, 2003)

In conclusion, I  feel that some of the colour of  text was not dark enough on the site. It was poor decision making and can cause difficult for their viewers to access and capture the messages that presented. the colour of the font were very light considering the colour of the background which is white. this makes it extremely difficult for the parents, guardians, sponsor parents, families and other visitors of the site  to read the important component of the center program and the history of it. However the size of the font is rather reasonable as it is a size eleven when the recommended size font is 10 and 12 for visitors who are “senior citizen or visually limited users”. (Tuck, 2003) Furthermore, this site did not stand out yet expand on their missions statement which is something that is one of the most powerful component of what a center need to maintain as it is the foundation on their believe what the center stands for.  This is rather sad due to the fact that this site is we developed really nice,  promoting the understanding of quality child care and meeting the needs of every child however, something as simple as the colour of the text is and sending the mission statement of what your center is; is something that hasn’t been met for the families and it  has been limited.


Tuck, M. (2003). Practical Web Design-Fundamental of Web Design. Retrieved from


Peekaboo Child Care, Childcare, Daycare, Preschool, Nursery School | peekaboo. (n.d.). Peekaboo Child Care, Childcare, Daycare, Preschool, Nursery School | peekaboo. (2011)


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