Portfolio Entry #2


ipad and creativeness

As I explored and looked for software’s, my purpose was to look for an educational program that contains a language base learning component for children because I believe that literacy is a skill that we use every day and all day. Furthermore, I was looking for software that can enhance children knowledge to words that they can learn about everyday and understand the concept along with ipad and learninghow to identify them.  I feel that this type of learning will help them throughout their life. As an educator I want to teach children something that they will continue to learn about throughout their life due to the fact that early year it is important an important component in a child life as they are seeking to gain knowledge and it is important to expose this type of learning in to this environment where we as educator associate play in to enhance their interest. Children in their early years are thriving to learn. According to Goyne article, it stated that we should look “..for programs that allow students to engage in a variety of learning activities related to the same concepts.  Multiple representations reinforce learning and offer learners a variety of options.” (Goyne, McDonough, & House, 2000)  I found software called “See. Touch. Learn” and it can be beneficial to both the children and the educators.

See. Touch. Learn is an educational software that children can engage in, where they can learn about words, how to identify them and the concept of the word. In regard to the Practical Guidelines for Evaluating Educational Software, this article states that child ipadsoftware should show “a variety of appropriate Media and Activities”. (Goyne, McDonough, & House, 2000)  Educators can customize this software to their advantage, they can modify the program to their lesson plan for the children by having the control to change and add words along with photo, adapt the voices for hints, check children progress and so for. The pictures used in the software are clear and colourful this is important as software has to have a high-quality technical component, such as providing a clear colour picture, clear sound, easy navigation access, and the ability to repeat words. (Goyne, McDonough, & House, 2000) The See.Touch. Learn this software contains all of the above content.  Furthermore, this software offers the option for Educator to customise the activities by adding additional effect to the child learning, such as visual and sound. By providing this accentual tool to the learning environment it can endorse the “…multisensory approach promotes information storage and retrieval (both visual and auditory coding into memory networks), fosters motivation (provides more enjoyment], and accommodates students with diverse learning styles and preferences. (Ayersman 1996) (Goyne, McDonough, & House, 2000)

Above all, this software helps to engage and scaffolds children learning within their level which mean that if a child is having a hard time learning and adjusting to the concept of language you can make the activity appropriate for their learning whereas a child who is well advance in this subject can have a lesson that is challenging for them which will excel their learning experience. The advantage of this software is the adjustment that educators can customize which enables children with special needs and those who need to be challenged to participate and engage in. For all this reason I would recommend Educators to use this software in a Child Care setting. This software can be used for all children of all ages and it is adjustable, workable and convenience (it is free).

baby and ipad


Goyne, J. S., McDonough, S. K., & Padgett, D. D. (2000). Practical Guidelines For Evaluating Educational Software. The Clearing House, 73(6), 345-348.

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