News About University Education Opportunity For ECE`s

This blog is rather interesting as it was written by Miss Night.  She post her strongest opinion about approving Technology in the in a child care setting and in the kindergarten rooms.  she believes that we as ECE and teachers need to stay focus on the process and not the product. In this statement, i believe that we can use product such as technology however we can not exclude all the other important element and aspect that we as ECE had been taught and used over the years. We cannot forget the fundamental of children learning through play and the interaction process. Miss Night then carries on her strong opinion as she explains her view of technology of being effective to children in a sense of entertainment to app and other setting whereas it takes away the who developmental, social  and experiential  aspect as interacting with one another.  In this blog, Miss Night provide a lot of insight of how she see technology as a negative effect  in the world for children learning in spite the fact that she surrounded and is well into technology herself and is an educator  however is still against introducing technology in childcare setting and kindergarten. I however can understand and yet agree to what she is saying, however I do think that an ipad would be good device to have in a child care setting and in a kindergarten setting when the teacher want to explore certain learning opportunity such as showing how animals hibernate and how caterpillar becomes butterflies. There are so many real life videos and animation that can help further children learning in understanding the world around them, futhermore, I believe that it  would be a great opportunity and experience for children who has difficulty writing letter and number and drawing and colouring. I do believe that there is a lot of cons verses pros, and due to that there will always be a problem and conversy  in whether technology should be OK to bring into the child care settings.


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